Coal Seam Gas

Coal Seam Gas
Hitec Welding Brisbane has successfully secured long term contracts and service agreements with some of Australia's leading energy and resource suppliers.

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High pressure pipeline and vessels fabricated by Hitec Welding Brisbane
High pressure pipeline & vessel fabrication by Hitec Welding Brisbane
Piping, vessel and structural fabrication for Coal Seam Gas
Fabrication project shipping from Brisbane
Hitec Welding Brisbane servicing the CSG industry
Injection and metering stations for coal seam gas
CSG skids fabricated by Hitec Welding Brisbane
Coal seam gas surface package by Hitec Welding Brisbane
Coal seam gas pressure vessel fabrication by Hitec Welding Brisbane
Stainless steel pressure pipeline fabrication for the coal seam gas industry
Fabrication for the coal seam gas industry in our Brisbane workshop
Gas pipeline metering station
Stainless steel pressure pipeline fabrication in our Brisbane workshop
Stainless steel fabrication for the coal seam gas industry
Coal seam gas pipeline fabrication
High pressure pipelines for coal seam gas

Hitec Welding Brisbane has gained extensive experience in the Coal Seam Gas Industry with regards of provision of surface facility and equipment

Areas that Hitec Welding Brisbane have provided and continue to service various clients include:

  • Flow lines and associated low and high point vents
  • Production Separator Vessel Design, manufacture and certification
  • Well Head pressure pipe spools
  • Inlet and Outlet Metering Skids
  • Fuel Gas Skids
  • Structural steel platforms and walkways

The array of services provided by Hitec Welding Brisbane include the following:

  • Engineering, Design and Procurement
  • Pipe and Vessel fabrication
  • Design and certification of vessels
  • Supply of structural steel fabrication (platforms, skids, walkways)
  • Electrical and Instrumentation design and installation
  • Factory Acceptance Testing of various facility equipment (Coal Seam Gas Separator Skids, metering and fuel gas skids, RTU's)
  • Site Installation and Labour Hire
  • Non-Destructive Testing
  • Surface Treatment and coatings
  • Stainless steel passivation and cleaning
  • On site design assistance

A very recent project awarded to Hitec Welding Brisbane showcases its commitment to providing a diverse range of engineering and fabrication services.  Hitec Welding Brisbane developed an alternative to the standard carbon steel flow line low point drains and risers used throughout the as and water gathering networks.  Through technical and financial evaluation the alternative was considered and is now currently in progress & practice.  The alternative involved substituting the previous carbon steel sections with stainless steel providing time and cost savings to the client and allowing for the HDPE transition piece to continue being utilised.

Hitec Welding Brisbane continues to increase its portfolio of services and supply for the Coal Seam Gas industry.

Contact us to see how Hitec Welding Brisbane can help with your next project.

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Directors' Update

HITEC Welding enters 2013 with a strong portfolio of works and the continuation of established contracts. 

The focus on completing services safely and of the highest quality will remain our priority.

At the end of 2012 HITEC Welding project, engineering and administration staff moved into our newly built office facility.

From 2013 to 2016, HITEC Welding has done major projects for Santos GLNG including the Roma West Phase 2A and 2B which totals around 321 skids. HITEC also has been awarded with other Santos projects (Fairview Infill, CS3 Metering Skids, Scotia Skids, Warrinilla Knock-out Drum) which made HITEC very busy for the past 3 years.

HITEC Welding has also developed its Brisbane facility by constructing additional workshop spaces (Temporary Igloo Shelter) effectively doubling throughput and capability. Paving and asphalt works for the lay down area has been completed in 2013 and 2015 respectively. Road works on the School Road has also been done on the third quarter of 2015.

HITEC Welding wishes you every success for 2016.

Joe Lewandowski, Director
Hitec Welding Brisbane

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